Dr. Sherrill's Fat Loss and Rejuvenation Program

Dr. Sherrill's Fat Loss and Rejuvenation program is based on a highly supportive Holistic perspective. There has been over 60 years of research for the answer to the underlying cause of obesity.

Research current indicates the connection between factors that impede communications between the hypothalamus and endocrine systems. A Proven and Superior Program for Fat Loss, Body Rescupltimg and Rejuvenation In a world desperately needing a weight loss solution, a new paradigm has arrived that tackles the very cause of the obesity epidemic. The old paradigm of reducing calories combined with intensive workout routines is doomed to failure.

The source of the body's tendency to store fat resides in a part of the brain, which oversees fat burning called the hypothalamus. What lies behind the inability to burn stored fat reserves is the impaired communication from the master gland, the hypothalamus. This protocol restores proper brain communication. The key to this phenomenal break through is the professional formulation of my homeopathic formulation.

The formulated drops signal the body to release stored fat as energy when it is perceived that the body needs it as a source of fuel. Combined with a specific low calorie diet, the protocol is used for 21-40 days allowing people to safely and permanently lose between 15-30 pounds. What makes this program so unique is that it only releases stored, toxic, visceral fat - the dangerous kind - very little muscle mass and no structural fat. You do not get flabby or gaunt.

On this program you tone up without the need for exercise. In the presence of the homeopathic formula, on a low calorie diet, the body burns 1500-4000 calories daily of toxic stored fat...pounds and inches disappear overnight with no hunger or fatigue. And what's even more amazing, the body literally resculpts itself in all the right places...belly fat disappears, your waist returns, hips and thigh melt away.

Based on my own personal success as well as the success for over 2500+ people I has assisted during the past 4 years, I have developed a unique program which incorporates a superior professionally formulated homeopathic formula as well as three other key products to support and enhance the successful release of fat as well as resculpting.

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