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GliSODin is high in the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), the body's first line of antioxidant defence. A patented process enables SOD to remain bioactive as it passes through the digestive tract.Why SOD? Chronic inflammation is a major stress during ageing and illness. Boosting antioxidant defences can promote wellbeing and assist our self-healing by offsetting the harmful effects of oxidative stress. 

Protective effect of Antioxidant Enzymes against other forms of Antioxidant compounds, either synthesis or ingested.


A Primary Antioxidant Enzyme recycles itself again and again, quenching many thousands of free radicals. By contrast, Secondary Antioxidants such as those consume in foods and supplements quench only ONE free radical for each antioxidant. In this way, Secondary Antioxidant reserves can quickly become saturated and Oxidative Stress uncontrolled.

EnduraCell  100% Whole Broccoli Sprout Powder 

The bright green sprouts of broccoli contain bioactive compounds which have been shown to intervene beneficially at several levels in human chemistry.  As such, broccoli sprouts are classified as a typical functional food.   Rich in the glucosinolate, Glucoraphanin, an enzyme conversion to the active Sulforaphane is responsible for much of the beneficial effect of this Cruciferous vegetable. Careful processing of these sprouts is essential to ensure that the enzyme, Myrosinase is retained. 

Such functional ingredients provide a concentrated source of the naturally-occurring substances found in the whole plant, often optimised for a specific bioactive.