A Few Words About Us

Our mission is to offer the opportunity to regain health, resculpt your body, release your food cravings, get rid of fat and keep it off, willingly change your food preferences, upskill your knowledge on how your body works and what works best for you.

Our team includes people who have a deep understanding of health beyond what you would read in magazines or ‘Pop Culture’, current affairs, advertising, or movies.

During these times of high stress lifestyles, economic turmoil, and overall confusion, it is easy to continue living in a way that will become detrimental to your body and be the building blocks for future disease.

The person who has more pieces to the puzzle of how to become healthy, in all stages of you life, is Dr. Sherrill Sellman. She has for over 30 years been an avid researcher, writer, lecturer and women’s health advocate. Her tireless efforts to bring TRUTHFUL, relevant, and timely information, to people is her mission. There isn’t a better researched and supportive person to have as your companion on this journey to reestablish your health. To learn more about Dr. Sellman’s amazing efforts, click the button below.



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